Pamela M. Norris, Vice Provost for Research

GW’s third century is off to a momentous start. 

In 2023, we welcomed a new university president, unveiled an inspirational new moniker, and were invited to join the Association of American Universities (AAU), the most prestigious group of research universities in North America. Our scholars and innovators continued to raise higher this year – publishing thousands of journal articles and more than a hundred books, sharing their discoveries and expertise through countless media stories, disclosing dozens of inventions, and receiving some of the most prestigious honors in academia. 

Over the past twelve months, the GW community has launched initiatives that will focus on global food systems, the impacts of artificial intelligence, racial and socioeconomic justice, sustainability, and broadening and diversifying America’s STEM workforce. And thanks to our location in the nation’s capital, our campus hosted some of the most influential figures, conferences and events.

This year’s successes—some of which you can read about below—will become the foundation for even more impact in 2024 and beyond.

Pamela M. Norris
Vice Provost for Research





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In 2023, GW joined the top tier of preeminent universities in North America when it became one of just 71 institutions to receive membership in the Association of American Universities (AAU). The university’s membership in AAU recognizes our leadership in research, education and innovation.






"3,700+ scholarly works published" featuring three scientific journal covers

GW scholars published 3,700 journal articles, chapters, monographs and more in 2023 (to date). GW research appeared in Science, Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Journal of International Law and other top journals.

"100+ books published" featuring a collage of 9 books published by GW scholars

GW scholars published more than 100 books in 2022 and 2023 on a range of topics, from cyber intelligence and nuclear deterrence to stagecraft in the theater industry. These works of original scholarship represent years of dedicated effort and wield considerable influence in their respective fields and in the public discourse.





Federally funded research at GW has grown 76% in the last decade. Awards from federal agencies, non-profit organizations, donors, industry and more fueled GW research on everything from diabetes interventions to security in Eurasia. 2023 highlights include:

$20 Million. Computer chip icon

Awarded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to co-lead a new artificial intelligence research institute, called Trustworthy AI in Law and Society (TRAILS), focused on developing new AI technologies that promote trust and mitigate risks, while empowering and educating the public.

$6.4 Million. football and helmet icons

Awarded by the National Institutes of Health to investigate how the impact of repetitive head injuries from American football and social determinants of health contribute to later-life cognitive function in adult Black male athletes.

$12 Million. Naval ship icon.

Awarded by the Office of Naval Research to lead a multi-institutional effort to create a robust, diverse, and sustainable naval engineering workforce by developing dedicated pathways within the greater D.C. metropolitan area. 





Check out some of our top research discoveries and stories from 2023.




In 2023, a number of GW faculty were recognized as exceptional scholars in their fields, including those highlighted here.

AAAS Fellows

Akos Vertes (CCAS) and Chet Sherwood (CCAS) were elected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  


From left to right, GW's Gina Adam (SEAS), Ling Hao (CCAS), Fang Jin (CCAS) and Arkady Yerukhimovich (SEAS) received the National Science Foundation's prestigious Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) award.

bell hooks Legacy Award

Alexa Alice Joubin (CCAS) was the inaugural recipient of the bell hooks Legacy Award, which commemorates the late feminist writer and activist bell hooks.  

NLJ Lifetime Achievement Award

Alan Morrison (GW Law), who received the National Law Journal's Lifetime Achievement Award, has dedicated his law career to the public interest and co-founded one of the nation's preeminent public-interest law firms. 

James S. Jackson Memorial Award

Lisa Bowleg (CCAS) received the National Institute of Mental Health’s 2023 James S. Jackson Memorial Award in recognition of her exceptional achievement and leadership in mental health disparities research.

2023 Highly Cited Researcher

Herman Aguinis (GWSB) was one of 86 economics and business researchers worldwide to be named a 2023 Highly Cited Researcher from Clarivate.

Fulbright Scholars

GW's Hugh Agnew (ESIA), Reid Click (GWSB), Ian Toma (SMHS), Gerald Feldman (CCAS) and Laura Engel (GSEHD) each received a 2023-2024 Fulbright Scholar Award.

Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science

Martha Finnemore (ESIA) was awarded the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science, widely regarded as the most esteemed honor in the field and often referred to as the “Nobel Prize of political science."




In 2023, GW launched new institutes and initiatives to foster cross-disciplinary research and collaboration.


Global Food Institute

Powered by interdisciplinary research and teaching, the Global Food Institute will deliver solutions to the biggest challenges facing the world’s food system.

Equity Institute

An interdisciplinary research hub, GW's Institute for Racial, Ethnic and Socioeconomic Equity will provide a bridge across disciplines for scholars addressing racial and socioeconomic injustice.

Alliance for a Sustainable Future

A university-wide initiative that will form a powerful strategic alliance of research institutes, academic programs, offices, organizations and individuals dedicated to the shared mission of combating climate change and promoting healthy and thriving resource systems for all.